Shuyler Productions’ Washington Sportsmen Shows in Yakima, Wenatchee and Pasco are the premier outdoor trade shows in Eastern Washington. Each year, the shows attract tens of thousands of people who come from across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and British Columbia. All three shows present an unparalleled opportunity for business owners to reach outdoor enthusiasts.

Exhibitors, come and jump-start your successful selling season by reaching the thousands of avid outdoor enthusiasts who come to our shows looking for suppliers of hunting gear, fishing tackle, fly fishing equipment, outdoor clothing, hunting and fishing boats, motors and accessories, guide services, lodges, and much more!

Why be an Exhibitor?

• Unique chance to meet prospective customers face to face.
• Yakima, Wenatchee, and Pasco are located in the heart of premium outdoor recreational markets.
• All 3 facilities –
Yakima SunDomeToyota Town CenterHAPO Center (formerly the TRAC) – are first-class facilities offering ideal showcases for your business.
• View overviews of all 3 shows

Apply Today!

To become an exhibitor or show sponsor you’ll need to fill out the appropriate application, which can be accessed below. Also, be sure to review facility floorplans (also available below), testimonials, and frequently asked questions. For more information or questions not addressed by the FAQ page, please contact us.

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Exhibitor Prices

Tri-Cities Sportsmen Show
Pasco, WA
10′ x 10′ Exhibit Booth: $600 USD
Expo Hall Bulk Space: $2.00 USD sq ft
Arena Bulk Space: $1.50 USD sq ft

Central Washington Sportsmen Show
Yakima, WA
10′ x 10′ Exhibit Booth: $545 USD
Bulk Space: $2.00 USD sq ft

Wenatchee Valley Sportsmen Show
Wenatchee, WA
10′ x 10′ Exhibit Booth: $495 USD
Bulk Space: $1.85 USD sq ft